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Modified Bitumen Roofingin New Albany

As a certified roofing company in New Albany, Gateway Roofing provides torch on roofing application or cold adhesive application of superior strength modified bitumen roofing material that offer exceptional long-lasting performance due to a durable mixture of the advanced quality materials.

What is a Modified Bitumen Roofing System?

A carefully prepared combination of asphalt and modified of polyester and fiberglass solvents that produce a reinforced roofing material with either plasticized or rubber-like finishes, modified bitumen systems are most commonly installed and available in two distinct types: APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene). Commercial property owners in New Albany can only benefit from a solid and cost effective modified bitumen roofing membrane that is reinforced with an asphalt combination of solvents and modifiers that is applied and then flawlessly sealed by certified Gateway Roofing roof installers in applications that are a step above standard built up roofing techniques.

Modified Bitumen Roof Installation

Our experienced technicians mechanically fasten the membrane to the roof deck of a low sloping or flat commercial rooftop using reinforced bars or plates that allow for extra reinforcement against high winds and the most extreme weather conditions in New Albany. In addition, a base ply overlap is then sealed for ultimate waterproof perfection that offers an esthetically appealing granule finish that is highly impact and UV ray resistant.

Modified Bitumen repair

Skilled and experienced Gateway Roofing roofing technicians provide bituminous roofing repair for both SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) and APP (Atactic Polypropylene) roof systems. As a reputable roofing company in New Albany, we provide quality factory made roofing systems that are guaranteed by recognized manufacturers, along with reliable warranties for both products and labor. Consult with our certified roofing team for licensed roof inspection and for qualified repair that includes:

Protective Roof Coatings: If the granules held together by the asphalt on your modified bitumen roof system show signs of wear and tear the fiberglass matting be damaged making the membrane more vulnerable to water infiltration. Gateway Roofing applies specially formulated protective coatings to re-seal the membrane to avoid premature roof replacement.

Correction of Faulty Installation: Bituminous roofing installation requires certified and experienced installers. Gateway Roofing experts evaluate fasteners, roof matting and the overall condition of finishing and each roof component to ensure that your commercial roofing system has been installed according to manufacturer recommendations otherwise factory warranties may be rendered null and void. A professionally installed modified bitumen roof can last anywhere between 15–20 years with minimal maintenance when carried out by a certified New Albany roofing expert.

Skilled and Reliable Bituminous Roofers in New Albany

Modified bitumen roofing systems may last as long as 30 years with minimal maintenance and is suitable and cost effective for commercial buildings in New Albany. Gateway Roofing provides qualified expertise and a range of roofing solutions deigned to save you money and protect your property. Licensed and insured, our roofing crews handle each detail of your roofing project in an organized manner from start to finish and provide free roofing estimates along with helpful advice and practical roof options.

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